Thursday, 21 September 2017

Don’t believe the fake complaints about Network Bulls, Find the reality yourself

Today, hundreds of students who plan to enter the networking field, take the name of Network Bulls for pursuing networking training. We have developed this trust after the hard efforts of seven years.
NB has become the symbol of success for the candidates dedicated to making their dreams the reality of life. We aim at providing best networking training to the candidates for making them an expert in their domain. Thus, we provide numerous educational facilities which help students to develop a crystal clear understanding of the concepts and learn the practical implementation of the technology.
14+ Awards – Testimony for excellent training and placements
Network Bulls has won more than 14 awards in just a short span of 7 years. Awards are neither fake nor fraud but they are the testimony for beyond excellent training and the placements provided by Network Bulls, Gurugram.
NB has won the award for highest placement record multiple times. In addition, NB has been awarded for best networking training institute, best network security networking institute and a lot more.
See in Network Bulls in Awards and know the truth!!!
Trouble for Network Bulls?
Recently, there have been allegations and accusations pointed at NB for giving fake and fraudulent placement options to students. Many Networkbulls’ fake complaints were reported on social media platforms. It was said that Network Bulls only take your money and does not deliver training. One common trend amongst such complaints was that they were not made via any authentic ID.
Our competitors, find it hard to match our high standards of training. Thus, make use of such cheap tricks for defaming the reputation of NB.  
Networkbulls fake complaints have misguided hundreds of students and created a wrong buzz amongst them. If you have also read Networkbulls fake complaints and have questions in mind then visit NB, meet the students and get the genuine feedbacks.
Why Complaints from Network Bulls’ students are hard to find?
We don’t say, we are the best but complaints from NB students are really hard to find. The basic reason behind is that we have a dedicated management team to hear the complaints and issues of students.
We know that students face few issues after enrolling. Therefore, we provide them with complete freedom to make complaints about their issues. All the complaints are resolved within three working days and students are provided with optimal solutions.
Hear the reviews and feedback directly from students
If you are also searching for the best networking training institute but finding it hard to decide after reading Networkbulls fake complaints. Then, you must directly hear from students. Hundreds of students provide their reviews and feedbacks after building a shining career in the field of networking.   
Visit our official YouTube channel and hear directly from students!!! You can also check the reviews and feedbacks at our official website and placement portal.
You can also connect to students on various social media channels or you can visit NB and talk to students directly.
Enroll at NB and build a shining career in the field of networking.