Monday, 7 November 2016

Do You Really Believe in Fake and Fraud Complaints Against Network Bulls?

In Today’s era of technology and networking, grabbing a job after graduation is quite a hard task. We know that high-end certification courses have become an important requirement of the networking Industry. If you are interested in the field of networking, then remember to join the best networking institute for a bright career ahead. Network Bulls – Top networking company in India provides networking courses with the job guarantee for transforming fresher into a complete professional. Network Bulls job guarantee courses have shaped the career of thousands of students and continue to get students placed with the top IT companies. Click here to know the placement streak at NB.

Check the reviews and know the reality
If you are stepping forward to building your career in the field of networking then search the web and know the student's reviews about the training institute. Remember that students can reveal the reality which no other person can do. You will find thousands of positive student’s reviews on the web. Thousands of student’s reviews cannot be fake. It is true that you will come across various complaints about NB and blogs with Network Bull's fraud and fake.  It’s obvious that it will bring thousands of doubt in your mind, thus it is advisable to plan a visit to the elite training institute for clearing all your doubts. If it is hard to plan a visit to NB, then watch our happily placed students at our YouTube channel or contact the students via social media sites.
Network Bulls fake and fraud or the institute with highest placement record
As a result of continued placement streak, Network Bulls holds the award for highest placement record in the industry to its credit. NB has more than 12 awards to its credit which cannot be fraud or fake. Awards are earned by hard efforts and are a symbol of great achievements thus cannot be fake or fraud. NB has placed thousands of students with big corporate giants such as Cisco, Tech-Mahindra, British Telecom, CSS Corp. etc. In Fact, written job placement guarantee is provided to students so that they can keep their focus on gaining the knowledge and becoming an expert rather than getting placed. No other training institute in the industry provides for written job placement guarantee like NB. Enroll in Job guarantee courses at NB and give a kick start to your career.
Get trained by experts at the World’s largest Cisco labs
Getting trained from an expert is quite necessary for gaining in-depth knowledge as well as for having clear concepts. Before enrolling with any networking training institute have a look at trainer's profile and ensure that technical team is well qualified. Network Bulls have got CCIE certified trainers with 5 to 15 years of industrial experience. In addition to the trainers, lab instructors at NB are also CCIE certified. Hence, you get the guidance of experts all time during your training. You might be surprised to know that technical team at NB is amongst top 5 technical team of the world. NB has got world’s largest Cisco training labs which are open 24*7. Thus, you can come and practice as per the availability of your time under the guidance of experts.
Enroll with Network Bulls and make your career fly